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How to Order yours?

When you place the order, you'll need to get your GPX file to us. You can do this once you have completed the order by emailing it to us along with the order number. We'll be in touch as soon as we get the file to ensure we have the right one and we can then begin processing.

Email your file to

Pick the colour, frame style, map style and personalisation options

There are a large range of colours available for the 3D print itself along with 2 different map and frame styles. Also, choose what text you want on the personalisation plaque.

Place your order with us

Once you have the option you want selected, go ahead and place the order. We only list choices that are in stock on the website so if you see it we have it. If you want something thats not listed, get in touch via Chat and we'll see what we can do.
If you can, please enter the address for the activity on the Internet. For Strava activities this is usually something like and can be accessed on mobiles using the share button, or on a pc by viewing the activity and sharing the URL in the address bar. 

Enter the URL to the activity or send us the gpx file

This is the bit we need. Ideally the URL is great as previously stated, but you can also export the GPX file from your tracker of choice and email it to us along with your order number so we can put the two together and get you the right print.

We'll send you a preview

Once we have everything, we will do a mockup to show you how it will look  so you can be sure you're happy with what you will receive. We want to ensure you love it!

Once everything above has been completed, we will work on the finished product and get it sent off to you as quickly as possible.


Helpful Information

We appreciate that not everyone is technically minded and that exporting a GPX file might sound like gibberish to some people. Therefor take a look below for some hopefully helpful links to get you started.

How do I share the route data with you?

If you're on a mobile and using Strava, you can share the activity directly using the share button when viewing the activity. You can then copy that address and paste that into the form on the product page when completing your purchase. 

If you would prefer to send us the file and you're using Strava on a PC take a look at this page:,gpx%22.

If using Runkeeper, read this:


For NIke+, read this article:,TCX%20file%20as%20you%20need.

For Garmin Connect:

For anything not listed, try searching Google for "How do i export GPX from <insert app name>" 

Or if you really not sure, get in touch via chat and we'll sort it out together. 

How long will it take?

It shouldn't take more than about 5-7 working days from time of order to delivery, but it's always best to reach out on chat or email to be sure if you have something more complex for example.

Is it just running/cycling routes that you can do?

The short answer is no. If you have tracked a route with GPS, you will most likely have a GPX file available. So if you were driving, walking, flying, it shouldn't matter. If there is a GPX file I should be able to recreate something for you. But to be sure, get in touch first and send me the file so we can check.

Anything else?

For any other questions or concerns, reach out via chat on the website, we're usually pretty responsive and can answer any questions you have. If there is no response on chat you can always use th contact form on the home page.

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